"...Hunting, fishing, recreation in the Volga delta..."


Dear Sirs!

We are glad to greet you at the site of our hunting society! Our hunting area is situated in the eastern part of the Volga's delta, at the frontier between Russia and Kazakhstan (Igolka channel). We organize hunting, fishing tours and just a good holiday for all nature's fans in the ecologically purest part of Delta which is at the same time richest in natural resources.

Our working stuff consists of experienced professionals (length of their service in hunting center is from 10 to 35 years). Since 1992 they have been working with foreigners. Almost all guides were born and grow up at this land, so they know perfectly well the locality. They're always ready to help, to share their experience and knowledge of local peculiarities. They all love their job and are interested in its result. Their care and attention for you are guaranteed.


Notes in mass media

Laurent Bedu "Sauvagine sur la Volga" in magazine "Connaissance de la chasse", March, 1998
"During all the morning flies, landings, shots follow each other. Widgeons, broadbills, teals, mallards, geese … This is a charm of delta: there are the same birds, as in Europe, but the concentration of wildfowl is incredible. During one hunting you can see 8 different species of ducks."