"...Hunting, fishing, recreation in the Volga delta..."


Hunting in the Volga delta

Unlike many other hunting centers in western and central parts of delta whose value has reduced after the rising of Caspian Sea level, the concentration of game in the east of delta has, on the contrary, increased. The game comes from other inundated regions. So this territory (its kazakhstan part used to belong to the society "Moscow Hunter") has been always know for its good duck and geese hunt possibilities. The general hunting area composes the surface of more than 60000 ha.

The hunting trip is practiced twice a day (morning and evening) by plastic fishing boats "budarkas" with the outboard - 25 CV - motor "Yamaha", 4 persons in a boat (2 hunters and 2 guides). The way to the place takes 20 - 40 min. Then hunters pass to their stations. During the hunt the stuffed birds are used. The hunting is realized from the special boat "kulas" which is installed and disguised by the guide. This tactics, which is the result of longterm hunters' experience, gives an opportunity to reach the most inaccessible channels where usually the game gathers.

As for results of hunting, the capacity of our land excels all European possibilities and competes with Argentina, Chad and Cuba. But our hunting is more sporting. What about duck species they are the same as in Europe. All this attracts the French hunters during more than 10 yers.

Spring season: end of March - beginning of April
Autumn season: mid - September - end of November