"...Hunting, fishing, recreation in the Volga delta..."


Fishing in the Volga delta

The purest part of Volga from ecological point of view is again the eastern part of the Volga delta. The rivers Buzan and Kigatch transfer here the water from Akhtuba which is considered to be purer than Volga. Down stream Kigatch begins to branch. One of its branches is channel Igolkinski. The fish cached here is more valued at the local market as the purest one. A unique local variety of species of fish makes the fishing more exciting. Besides sturgeons (beluga, sturgeon, fringe, starred sturgeon, sterlet) there are sheat-fish, pike, sazan, pike-perch, asp, perch, Caspian roach, redeye, bream. As for pike and asp fishing even foreigners spoilt by Ireland and Alaska admit the unique qualitative (pikes more than 1 m long) and quantitative (43 units at 2 rods for 30 min) possibilities of local fishing.

Unlike the most part of the Volga's delta our territory is considered as the most "virginal" for the sporting fishing. The reasons are: first, its distant location which is at the same time hard to reach, and second, its closeness to the frontier. (That makes more obstacles for "official" and wild poachers). The remoteness of our fishing zones from any settlements guarantees the safety of natural resources on this area and so helps to keep the entire biocomplex of this part of delta "chaste" and intact. Its huge surface determines successful fishing even when the last is impossible in the most part of delta because of floods. Regarding the catch the best fishing season is April and May, August and September are good from the point of view of weather.

Fishing season: beginning of April - mid-September.